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yellowstone lake with my Bu, 2015.

i was born and raised (mostly) in a small-town in the midwest (yes, been cow-tipping but happily unsuccessful, in hind-sight).

my father had a Canon AE-1 sitting up on a shelf, in a bedroom closet, new, never removed from its red and bronze box. when it was finally mine, i spent years making memories with it until my oldest brother bought me another, newer canon.

half a dozen cameras later, i booked my first shoot in 2001 (food shots, believe it or not).

before moving to san francisco, where my dog, kula, and i spend our days, i lived in seattle and austin for a bit. prior to that, i left behind my longtime home of honolulu where i lived for nearly fifteen very influential years.

i look at the world in fractions of seconds; those moments of emotion--mostly joy. beautiful moments of time bathed in beautiful light.

hwang = huang2 = wong1 = 黃

the sound a child makes after taking a long drink of whatever (ahhhh . . . ). the sound of my dog yawning. cicadas (locusts) buzzing = summertime!

the color of the eastern sky at sunset (actually, yeah you read that right, turn around sometime and see how the sunset is lighting up the sky in the east; lighting up that person standing next to you). a puppy's tail wagging. smiling eyes.

bob marley's waiting in vain; his and the annie lennox version. also, led zeppelin, the jam, the police, the who, the black keys, and anything with funky bass.

amelie. in the mood for love. chungking express. forrest gump. shawshank redemption. seven pounds. count of monte cristo. midnight in paris. singing in the rain. the way. . . .

army medic and emt work. (deeply rewarding but not enough smiles.) jumping from a very high cliff into a water-filled rock quarry and, maybe, circling the u.s. a few times with dogdog (cutie over there . . . no the furry one).

the u.s. army academy of health sciences
ba biology, university of hawai`i at manoa

kent photographs people being people--travel, advertising, editorial, commercial, active, lifestyle, portrait, and yes, he'll always shoot food.

phone: 415.283.7829     email: kent@kenthwang.com  

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